4 Custom Cedar Fence Designs That Blend In With Contemporary Designs

If you have a home with a modern design, you probably want the features in your landscaping to blend in with the design of your home. This often means using modern materials, like metal and glass. You can also integrate materials like wood into the contemporary design of your home. If you want to have a cedar fence, designs that are more modern can help you accomplish this. Here are some contemporary fence designs that you may want to consider to give your new cedar fence a modern look:

1. Combining Cedar With Modern Building Materials

If you want to have a modern look that includes cedar lumber, you may want to consider combining wood features with modern materials. This can be done by doing things like using cedar lumber to frame in sections of your fence. You may want to consider alternating between wood sections and metal, vinyl fence or glass features.

2. Create An Abstract Look Using Different Sized Materials

Another option to give your fence a modern look is to do an abstract design.  This can be done by combining different dimensions of lumber. You can do a Tetris-like pattern and alternate the features on different sides of the fence to give it more of a three-dimensional feel. You can also talk with the fencing contractor about steam bending pieces to adapt to changes in grade elevations with curve designs.

3. Vertical Fencing To Give Your Home A Simple Modern Look

You may also want to consider a simple design for a modern look. You can do a straight vertical fence design to give your fence a contemporary appearance. This can be done with lumber installed flat on the fence posts, or it can also be a louvered design that looks something like blinds in your home. The louvered design can be a good solution to allow sunlight to come through the fence for plants without compromising privacy.

4. Integrate Functional Features Into The Design Of Your Cedar Fence

If you are looking for a modern design for your cedar fence, you may also want to consider adding functional features to your fence. This can be things like benches that can be recessed into the fence to give you backyard seating. You may also want to do something like storage chests beneath the benches. Planters can also be added to give your fence color and life.

These are some modern contemporary designs that you may want to consider to give your cedar fence a modern look. If you are ready for a new fence for your home, contact a fencing contractor or find a go to website for exploring fence design ideas.

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