What to Do before Your Fence Is Installed

If you've finally chosen to put up a fence on your property or replace your old one, you might think the process is as simple as having people to install the posts for you. You may not be aware that there are some important things you'll need to take care of in order to avoid problems with your neighbors and possible fines and fees for putting up the fence. Use the following tips to do what is necessary.

Read Your Deed

The first thing that you have to discover before having your fence put up is whether or not the planned fence will actually sit on your property. This can seem like an unnecessary thing to do, particularly if you already have a fence that you are replacing. 

However, it is important for you to know that the previous owner of your property might not have been completely sure that the old fence was on their property; they might have just put up the fence on their own or they may have had an arrangement with past neighbors that is unknown to your current neighbors. To avoid disputes with your current neighbors, it is vital that you investigate the land description portion of your deed to make sure that your fence will be installed only on the land that belongs to you.

To find your deed if you've misplaced it, head down to your local records office; you may be directed to the county hall of records to retrieve a copy of the deed and land description.

Look Over the Zoning Ordinance

Once you're sure that the fence is going up on your property, you need to ensure you follow your town's or city's rules for fencing in the residential area where your home is located. There might be guidelines for how far back the fence needs to be from the street and how high the fence can be. Ignoring these rules can lead to high fines that you'll be required to pay.

To determine what kind of rules are in place, go to your local zoning office. Talk with the zoning officer about the zone where your house is and any rules regarding fences in that area.

Now that you're aware of what you should do before putting your fence up, use the information to take the right actions. Ask a fence contractor, like one from LIGHTHOUSE CONTRACTING SERVICES, if there are any other things to do so that you don't have any problems. 

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