4 Wood Fence Features To Give You More Use Out Of Your Investment

If you are planning on investing in a wood fence for your home, it may be something to add value to your property, but it can also serve many functional purposes. A wood fence can be a good place to install attractive landscaping lighting for aesthetic improvements as well as security. The fence can also have other features, such as plants and seating to enjoy your garden. If you want more from your investment in a wood fence, here are some improvements that you may want to consider:

1. Give Your Landscaping Attractive Lighting Along The Fence

Giving your yard more light can do many things, which can be done by adding lighting to the design of your wood fence. With more landscaping lighting, you will provide more security and safety for your home. This can be done with designs that use the fence as a backdrop for the lighting, or you can have the lighting installed in the fence. If you install lighting in the fence, you can also have the option to add electrical connections for things like outdoor outlets.

2. Add Life To Your Fence With The Addition Of Vertical Garden Features

You may also want to give your fence more life. This can be done by adding plants to the fence, which you may want to consider a vertical garden. The vertical garden design can give your more space for plants in your landscaping or a solution for a small vegetable garden. In addition to vegetable gardens, you can also use small shrubs and light plants that form part of your fence design.

3. Valuable Shade With The Addition Of Arbors And Landscaping Structures

If you have a landscape design that has too much sun and little shade to cool down during the summer, you may want to consider fence features for more shade. This can be done with landscaping structures like arbors that are integrated into the design of your fence. You can also do things like coverings with lattice and plants. These features can also be added to entrances and gates to separate your front yard and backyard or other spaces.

4. Seating And Entertaining Areas That Are Integrated Into The Design Of Your Wood Fence

With the shade that you add to your landscaping, you may also want to have more seating for entertainment. This can be done with the addition of features like bench seating that is integrated into the design of your fence. To blend the features together, the seating can also have planters that match, or even a wood deck surface for the seating area.

If you want more from your investment in a wood fence, here are some improvements that you may want to consider when you have your new fence installed. If you are ready to start installing a fence around your property, contact a wood fence contractor and talk with them about some of these features for your home.

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