Four Fencing Ideas To Keep Your Dog Safe And Your Space Looking Nice

Owning a dog can come with its own set of responsibilities and headaches. With a little creativity, you don't need to sacrifice style outside of your home just to keep your pet safe. This includes the style and materials used for fencing that surrounds your home or backyard. Combining fashion with function are the key ingredients to a sturdy dog fence. Here are four fencing ideas that will keep your dog safe and your home's exterior looking nice at the same time.

1. Aluminum Fencing

The great thing about aluminum fencing is the fact that this sturdy material will keep your dog safe, but won't entirely close off your yard. You might like having your dog be able to roam around in the front yard while not obscuring views inside or out. Aluminum fencing can have the strength to keep your dog in your yard but not close off your home from the neighborhood.

2. Solid Wood with Lattice Topping

If you are hoping to fit in with the rest of your neighborhood with wooden fencing, a great way to add a little more protection is with latticework topping your fence off. This is great for dogs that might excel at jumping, which can add to the concern of escaping over a standard wooden fence. Latticework lining the top of your fence can add a foot or more of protection and offer some visibility on your part to the neighborhood.

3. Vinyl Fencing

If you have a dog that seems to chew through everything or loves to dig, a vinyl fence can be a durable option even for the most tenacious dog. Vinyl fencing can be designed to give the look of real wood but with a sturdier build. It is a good idea to dig vinyl fencing down about six inches or so to discourage dogs from trying to dig under fencing or chewing on exposed edges.

4. Tropical Fencing

If you are hoping to keep your fencing in line with your landscape and might have a smaller or less agile dog, bamboo or rattan fencing might be a perfect fit. This can be easily rolled out and secured with decorative poles. While not the sturdiest of fencing, bamboo or rattan will look nice and will discourage smaller dogs from wandering off while enjoying their time outside.

When researching fencing for your home, it is important to weigh factors such as security, your dog's temperament, and the look you hope to achieve. Fencing companies—like Mills Fence and other locations—can help you decide what fencing options might be the best fit for your pooch and your neighborhood.

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