4 Things You Do Before Getting A New Fence Installed

Adding a fence to a yard is a great way to add some much-needed privacy from your neighbors or even to stop your dog from running away. Installing a fence involves some prep work in order to make sure the installation goes smoothly with both city regulations and your neighbors. Make sure to do these 4 things before the installation date.

Get A Land Survey

Even if you have an existing fence, you should never trust where the fence was placed when determining the property line. It's possible that an error was made in the past, and your brand new fence could be installed on your neighbor's land. This could lead to a costly mistake with needing to move the fence after it was installed.

Always get a land survey done to figure the precise locations of your home's property lines. It's the only way to ensure that the fence is being installed on land that you own.

Discuss The Fence With Your Neighbors

Unless your home is controlled by a homeowners association, you should legally be allowed to install whatever kind of fence that you desire on your own property. With that in mind, it's still a great idea to discuss your plans for a fence with your neighbors. You may find out that your neighbor plans on having a fence installed as well, and you can collaborate to split the costs on the fencing that will be sharing a property line.

Understand The Regulations

Every city will have different regulations concerning fences, which is why you want to make sure it is being done correctly. For example, there may be a restriction on how high a fence can be in a residential area. If you live on a corner lot, there may be restrictions that require a fence to be angled on the corner near a street, which gives visibility to drivers approaching an intersection.

Get The Right Permits

Some fencing companies will get the necessary permits for you, while others require that you get them yourself. Check with your fencing contractor and make sure you understand who is responsible for getting permits. Not having a permit could cause your fence to be removed if it is caught by a city building inspector.

Contact The Utility Companies

Whenever you are digging on your property, you'll need to notify your city's utility companies to make sure that you are not digging in areas that have utility lines buried underground. They will send someone out to your home to mark the ground for you.

With these things in mind, your fence installation will be successful.

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