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3 Ideas To Create An Urban Garden Vertical Planters And Railings

Urban gardens are becoming more popular and being used in all sorts of places, even a small terrace of an in-town studio apartment can have a plentiful garden. Vertical gardens can work great for these ideas and there are many that can be attached to railings to give you optimal space and a garden that is productive. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider for using your railings to create a vertical urban garden:

1. Using Simple Containers That Easily Hang Over Railings

There are many simple containers that you can use for your urban garden. These can be long containers with hanging systems for railings, maximizing your available space. These can work great for smaller vegetables, such as lettuce or a small tomato plant. If you want to plant vegetables like carrots or rutabagas, look for deeper containers. These can also be great for onions and garlic, or a small herb garden.  

2. Building A Vertical Structure That Attaches To The Railing Or Is Free-Standing

For larger gardens, you will need to have more planters and different depths to meet the needs of certain plant growth. A vertical structure can give you many different options for your garden. You can have levels with depth for bushy plants and higher areas for climbing vines. These systems can be free-standing like shelves, which can be good for wider designs that are mobile with wheels. It can also be narrower container structures that you will probably want to secure to a wall or railing.  

3. Creating Planter Boxes And Mini Green Houses That Attach To Objects

Planter boxes can also be made according to your needs. You may want to make a variety of different boxes, which can be used for something like a small green house on your patio. These can be systems that attach to objects to help you maximize available space. If you use a wider green house that attaches to the railing, you will want to make sure that there is additional support at the bottom. You may also want to have the railing reinforce to support any extra weight that may be attached to the railing.

These are some ideas that you may want to consider for an urban garden that is attached to railing. If you want the best support for your vertical garden, contact a railing contractor and have them install steel railing or support for your new garden.