On The Fence About Fences?

If you have recently moved into a new home and you've added a dog to your family, then you want to be sure you have a fence put up to keep your new family member safe and protected. Choosing the right fence will require a lot of thought. While you may be getting a fence to keep your dog in, you also want to make sure it works out well for you in many other ways. Consider the following factors when you are choosing a fence:

What is the weather like where you live?

If you live in an area with year-round mild weather, then you are at an advantage. You will do fine with all types of fencing. However, if you live in an area with extreme heat, strong winds, high humidity, snow and an abundance of rain, then your best bet may be to stay away from a wooden fence.

Wooden fencing will need to be treated often against weather conditions, and it will still be prone to weakening and other problems when put under extreme weather conditions often. Chain link and wrought iron fencing does much better in extreme conditions.

How large is your dog?

If you have a very small dog, then you may need to worry about it slipping through the fence if you don't choose wisely. Some dogs are so small in size that they can slip right through a wrought iron fence or a wooden fence that has spaces between the posts. For an extremely small dog, a solid wood or a chain link fence may be best.

How active is your dog?

If you have a very active dog that likes to dig, then you need to consider this when choosing the right type of fence. You may need to have concrete poured along the bottom of your fence, which would be best with chain link or wrought iron. If you have a dog that jumps high, then consider a taller fence. Chain link fences can be quite tall without looking strange. A very tall wood fence can also work well.

How vicious is your dog?

If your dog is vicious, then you want to make sure you go with a solid wood fence. Not only will this stop your dog from being aggravated by people walking by, but it also decreases the chances of them biting someone through the fence.

Once you choose the right fence, you will be able to leave your dog out to play in the yard without worrying about them getting out. Contact a fencing company like Family Fence Company to learn more about your options.

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