The Most Affordable Fencing Solutions to Give Your Home Privacy

Fencing adds privacy to your home, but depending on your choice of materials, it will cost too much. To keep the cost of your new fence down, use materials like lattice for a wood fence or chain link with a covering. There are also materials like mesh wiring that can be used to create a custom fence. Here are some of the most affordable fencing solutions that will give your home more privacy and a custom fence:

1. Common Chain Link Materials with Windscreen or Coverings

Chain link fencing is one of the most durable and affordable material to use for residential fencing. Use the least expensive material you can find and install a windscreen or other covering on the fence for privacy. Start by covering the fence in the most important sections, and then, cover the rest of the fence if you want later. Only covering the essential areas of the fence will help to keep the cost of these materials lower.

2. Wood Fence Design with More Affordable Lattice Sheathing for Privacy

Wood fencing is attractive, but pickets and other materials are costly. Lattice are wood strips, which are available for fencing and other landscaping projects. To keep the cost of your fence down and give it the look of wood, build the framed sections of fence and cover them with lattice sheathing, rather than using conventional wood fencing materials. The lattice will cost a lot less, but still give you an attractive, custom wood fence.

3. Wire Mesh and Other Alternatives to Conventional Fencing Materials

Wire mesh is used for things like chicken wire and agricultural purposes. Mesh can also be a good material to create a more affordable fence around your home. Like with chain link fencing, you will want to cover the mesh with a wind screen or other materials to give your home privacy. Another option is to use the wind screen as the main fencing material by attaching it to the posts and framing the sections with wood. Other alternatives include using recycled materials or plywood panels for your fence. The less conventional materials will cost less, but you will still want help with the installation.

With these ideas, you will be able to keep the cost of your fence down. To get help with the installation, contact a fencing contracting company, such as Alco Fence Company, and talk with them about your budget and what you have in mind for an affordable fence for your home.

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