Get A Wood Fence With A Creative Top By Picking Certain Features

Living on a fenced property is not a necessity, but you may be interested in all the benefits that come with having one. Although you have a lot of material options to choose from, you may want to get a wood fence. If you are determined to make the fence look great on your property, you should consider all the different ways that you can get creative with the top of the fence.

Picket Design

Whether you are going with a short picket fence to surround the front yard or a tall one in the backyard, you will need to choose from various picket top designs. If you want to maximize simplicity and safety, you should not hesitate to go with a rounded top. In an emergency, you will still be able to scale the fence without having to worry about getting injured on a sharp corner.

If you want to go with a more decorative look, you can always choose gothic or convex. Heading to a showroom where you can see all the picket designs in person will help you choose. This is a smart idea because the picket part of the fence is something that you will see everywhere.

Post Caps

Along with the picket tops, you can pick from numerous post caps to come up with an excellent design for your fence. This is another opportunity to go with a complex and detailed look. But, you can also go with a simple design and let the picket design make the whole fence shine.


If you want to add a lot of beauty to the top of the fence, you should consider an add-on such as a trellis. A trellis can come in so many shapes, sizes, and patterns, so you may want to look through blogs, magazines, and fencing contractor portfolios to gather plenty of ideas.


One of the most exciting features that you can add to a fence is an arbor. If you have several gates that you intend on building with the fence, you can use arbors to show off their location. An arbor can look highly decorative and make the front yard entry look rather inviting. You can also improve curb appeal with the addition of arbors for the gates at the sides of your property.

Getting creative with your design options for a wood fence will help you love the final creation. For more information, contact a company like York Fence Co.

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