Mountainside Gardening: What You Need To Know Before You Grow

If you live in a mountain area, you may have valid concerns about starting your own garden. You may wonder if the soil is conducive to plant growth or if your area is too shaded. You may fear your garden will attract poisonous snakes or that wildlife will eat everything you plant. Fortunately, you can live in the mountain and enjoy the benefit of growing your own vegetables and flowers by setting up your garden for success before you start planting.

Pick the right location

If your location gets very little sunlight throughout the course of the day, you may want to consider removing a few trees to establish your garden area. Most garden vegetables need full sun or partial shade to thrive and wont' do well in an area that gets little to no sunlight. Observe your location to determine how much sunlight it gets each day and remove enough trees to ensure your garden will receive at least several hours of sunlight.

Have a sturdy fence installed

Having a fence professionally installed by a fencing services contractor is the easiest way to provide protection for your garden plants and may be the most important part of your garden. A sturdy fence won't require a lot of maintenance and will be a worthwhile investment that lasts for years. The fence should be high enough to keep larger animals from leaping over it and secure enough to keep smaller creatures from burrowing under it to feast on your garden plants. Your fencing specialist will work with you to design the best fence for your garden needs. Visit a website like for more information.

Consider using raised beds

Mountain terrain can be rocky or contain a lot of tree roots, which can make tilling soil for a garden difficult. Using raised garden beds is the perfect solution for ground that's less conducive for plant growth. Fill your raised beds with purchased garden soil and you will be ready to start planting without the aggravation of tilling rough ground.

You may want to consider raised beds that stand waist level to make garden tasks easier. Fill in the ground under the beds with crushed stone to make it easier to see snakes when tending to your garden and to eliminate weed growth inside your fenced-in garden area.

Living on a mountainside is not without challenges when it comes to gardening, but that doesn't mean you have to give up your dream of having fresh vegetables to eat and flowers to enjoy. With a little planning before your start planting, you can make your gardening dreams come true.

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